Hypertension is a major issue of public health because of its increasing prevalence and multiple complications caused by failing to achieve an efficient blood pressure control. Considering hypertension as a hemodynamic disorder allows to prescribe a tailored therapy guided by individual hemodynamic parameters, therefore leading to an increased rate of control. We present the case of a 59 years old diabetic, dyslipidemic and obese male who, although treated with 5 classes of antihypertensive drugs had uncontrolled hypertension that caused left ventricular failure. Using the HOTMAN system of hemodynamic monitoring using thoracic electrical bioimpedance allowed a quick identification of the cause and guided the therapy, achieving blood pressure control after 5 days of treatment. Treating hypertension by identifying the underlying hemodynamic imbalance allows prescribing a tailored therapy and shortens the initiation and stabilization phases of treatment.


hypertension, hemodynamic, treatment, bio-impedance, antihypertensive treatment