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Medicine and Pharmacy Reports is a quarterly journal dedicated to the dissemination of progress in health sciences. The journal publishes original research, reviews, case reports, letters, and occasionally historical material, all peer reviewed.


Medicine and Pharmacy Reports  was founded in February 1920 under the name “Clujul Medical”, as the journal of the Medical School in Cluj, and appeared almost without interruption. Starting with 2019 it is entitled Medicine and Pharmacy Reports


Medicine and Pharmacy Reports is published by one of the most prestigious medical schools in Romania and aims at representing a scientific forum in health sciences. It is open access and it promotes original papers of researchers worldwide, along with contributions of top specialists in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.


The scientific standard of the periodical is maintained by the blind peer-reviewing of each paper submitted and by the analysis of the articles by the editorial board. The quality of the journal has constantly improved, as documented by its inclusion into the most prestigious databases, and it will continue to raise its standards of quality.


Print ISSN  2602-0807
Online ISSN  2668-0572
Frequency of publication: quarterly 
Indexed: Scopus, Pubmed, Pubmed Central, EBSCO, Open Access Directory, CNCSIS BDI.

latest articles

Mammographic assessment of breast density as a tool for predicting the response to neoadjuvant therapy in breast cancer patients

Lisencu Lorena, Roman Andrei, Pasca Andrei, Irimie Alexandru, Lisencu Cosmin, Negrutiu Mircea, Fetica Bogdan, Cismaru Andrei, Balacescu Ovidiu, Tudoran Oana, Lisencu Carmen

Profile of autism spectrum disorders in Morocco: cross-sectional retrospective study of parents of children with autism

Sefrioui Mohamed Réda, Elidrissi Imane, Sbai El Othmani Ibrahim, Derfoufi Sanae, Ait Haj Said Amal, Benmoussa Adnane, Derraji Soufiane

Studies on the use of glassionomer

Gherman Adina-Mădălina, Buduru Smaranda, Mesaroș Anca-Ștefania

Relationship between antibiotic consumption pattern and antibiotic resistance in neonatal sepsis

Karimi Fateme, Lewis Leslie, Thunga Girish, Najimi Amirreza, Sahu Puspita, Kunhikatta Vijayanarayana

The impact of RAS mutation on the treatment strategy of colorectal cancer

Pirvu Edvina, Severin Emilia, Niţă Irina, Toma Ștefania

Prognostic markers for ischemic stroke – are they truly reliable?

Roman-FIlip Corina, Catană Maria-Gabriela, Mihaila Romeo-Gabriel

Epigenetic methylation changes: implication as biomarkers in oral and maxillofacial area cancers

Aghiorghiesei Ovidiu, Irimie Alexandra, Braicu Cornelia, Raduly Lajos, Nutu Andreea, Balint Emilia, Mehterov Nikolay, Vladimirov Boyan, Sarafian Victoria, Lucaciu Ondine, Campian Radu, Berindan-Neagoe Ioana

The relation between mandibular symphysis and the Angle class in orthodontic treatment

Nobre Ricardina, de Castro Saúl, Ponces Maria, Lopes Jorge, Ferreira Afonso

Oral health, the patient's perspective during the COVID 19 pandemic

Paun Ariadna, Chifor Radu, Radu Constantin, Strilciuc Ștefan, Badea Iulia, Borzan Cristina

Identification of factors affecting outcomes in patients with Guillain Barre syndrome

Bhatia Vaidehi, Khant Poonam, Vyshnavee Inguva, Shiyaf Mohammed, Thunga Girish, Gorthi Sankar, Kunhikatta Vijayanarayana

Radicular dentinal microcracks during biomechanical root canal preparation using four minimally invasive endodontic files

Bilaiya Sakshi, Patni Pallav, Jain Pradeep, Raghuwanshi Swadhin, Pandey Sanket Hans, Harinkhere Chhaya

Quality of life, distress, anxiety and depression of ambulatory cancer patients receiving chemotherapy

Papadopoulou Aggeliki, Govina Ourania, Tsatsou Ioanna, Mantzorou Marianna, Mantoudi Alexandra, Tsiou Chrysoula, Adamakidou Theodoula

Proton pump inhibitors use and risk of inflammatory bowel diseases: a meta-analysis of observational studies

Shastri Sanjana, Kantamneni Raveena, Rashid Muhammed, Chandran Viji, Suhita Ramadugula, Begum Izwath, Nair Sreedharan, Thunga Girish

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