Aim. Purpose of this in-vitro study was to asses and compare the antimicrobial activity of three different glass ionomer cements (GIC) against streptococcus mutans (S. Mutans) bacteria using agar plate diffusion test.

Methods. Thirty blood agar plates were prepared and three wells of 4mm diameter were made on each agar plate. Three different GIC (Micron bioactive, GC Fuji IX GP Extra, Bioglass r) were mixed and filled into the wells. These plates were inoculated with S. Mutans and incubated at 37°C for 24 hours. Bacterial growth inhibition zone around each well were recorded in millimeters using Hiantibiotic Zonescale-C.

Result. All the restorative material used in the study exhibited antimicrobial property against S. Mutans. GC Fuji IX GP Extra showed superior antimicrobial efficacy with 17.3±2.6 mm mean diameter of bacterial inhibition zone, followed by Micron bioactive 14.4±1.07 mm and Bioglass r 10.8 ± .91 mm inhibition zone respectively.

Conclusion. Within the limitation of this study, it can be concluded that all the GIC evaluated demonstrated antibacterial activity against S. Mutans. The superior antimicrobial activity was demonstrated by GC Fuji IX GP Extra. Hence, it could be advantageous in patients with high caries risk.


glass ionomer cement, Streptococcus mutans, bacterial inhibition zone