Abdominal cocoon is an uncommon entity manifesting as abdominal pain, lump and features of intestinal obstruction. The diagnosis is established by demonstrating a membranous sac covering the small bowel loops which can be seen at the time of surgery or demonstrated by imaging studies like computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging. CT has been reported to be of utility in making a preoperative diagnosis. The features may include clumped bowel loops, loculated fluid, cauliflower sign or concertina arrangement of bowel loops. We report on three cases of abdominal cocoon who presented with intestinal obstruction due to three varied etiologies (idiopathic, tuberculosis, malignancy). We also describe a radiological sign, the bottle gourd sign, in these three cases. The sign possibly suggests jejunal obstruction due to formation of abdominal cocoon.


abdominal cocoon, tuberculosis, surgery, computed tomography