The disenchantment of the world and the understanding of the human body as a machine led to the training of physicians as mechanics, specialized in a limited field of the profession, in order to increase their competence and efficiency.

The metaphor by which the body is understood as a machine gradually took hold of the public consciousness, changing the perception of society, about the role and purpose of the doctor.

In this reality, the doctor-patient relationship, captive to the technical system, descends into dark and cold corners, drained by the mystery of human life. There are times when doctors, aware that their mechanistic training is not always enough to fulfil their vocation, realize that the medical act takes place on two levels: divine and human, and their unity is ensured by the love of God. The lack of this love gives way to evil, with the appearance of surprising medical failures, many of them unexplained rationally. 


medicine, secularization, Christianity