Exercise being a potent stimulator of mitochondrial biogenesis, there is a need to investigate the effects of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) among older adults. This review explores and summarizes the impact of HIIT on mitochondria and various cardio-metabolic health outcomes among older adults, healthy and with comorbid conditions. Electronic databases were scrutinized for literature using permutations of keywords related to (i) Elderly population (ii) HIIT (iii) Mitochondria, cell organelles, and (iv) cardio-metabolic health outcomes. Twenty-one studies that met the inclusion criteria are included in this review. HIIT is an innovative therapeutic modality in preserving mitochondrial quality with age and serves to be a viable, safe, and beneficial exercise alternative in both ill and healthy older adults.



high-intensity exercise, healthy aging, quality of life, cardiorespiratory fitness