Background and aims. This study is focused on the analysis of the properties of glassionomers following the choice of the type of material by the dentists. The study evaluated the properties of glassionomers used for restorations directly by comparing those prepared manually with those prepared mechanically, to find an “ideal” glassionomer and to counteract the disadvantages of the material.

Method. The study was conducted on the basis of a questionnaire and included 254 dentists from Romania. It took place between April 6 - 24, 2020 and the questionnaire was administered online. The questions focused on: the type of glassionomer chosen by every dentist, the doctor’s opinion about the properties, type and clinical indications of the material.

Results. The results showed that in Romania, the dentists use the glassionomer for a permanent filling in adults because of the financial aspect, as they stated. In their opinion the best advantages are the fluoride release and adhesion to dental tissues and, on the other hand the biggest disadvantage is aesthetics.

Conclusions. Among the conclusions are the following: the glassionomer is frequently used in dental offices, especially the powder-liquid system, as a commercial product; no standard type of glassionomer was found.


glass ionomer cement, dental materials, capsules, fluoride