Objective. The objective of this study was to identify and summarize the characteristic features of eggshell for regeneration purpose in oral surgery procedures.

Methods. A review of literature was undertaken based on the PubMed database. A search to reveal the current state of knowledge and the current uses of the eggshell as a biomaterial was performed. The characteristics of the materials, the specific use, the procedure and the outcome were extracted from the articles.

Results. The materials have been found to be used in humans, animals, and in vitro studies. There is a wide use regarding oral surgery especially in experimental models. There have also been attempts to enhance certain properties and improve the capabilities of eggshell as a biomaterial. There is yet a commercial product to be developed and approved for human use.

Conclusions. Eggshell can be an important biowaste which can be of use in guided bone regeneration procedures, but it has not yet entered the commercial phase and approval through official regulation channels.


egg shell, bone regeneration, oral surgical procedures