An increased number of clinicians are using magnification to facilitate their vision when carrying out dental examinations and treatments. The best instrument for this purpose is the microscope, which has proven to enhance quality, longevity and outcome of clinical work. Its use in some dental specialties (such as endodontics) is now well established, but there is also a role for this equipment in other branches of dentistry.

To anticipate the contribution of magnification to dentistry in general, recent research and experimental data on the importance of magnification devices will be considered, from the perspectives of optical issues, diagnosing methods and treatment options. It will be shown that, while the microscope is vital to certain specialties (such as endodontics, periodontics, restorative dentistry and prosthodontics), it has little effect on others (orthodontics, for example). This synthesis of current researchattempts to shed light on the optimal magnification used in certain clinical situations, the distinctive benefits of loupes and microscopes for each dental branch, as well as their drawbacks.





magnification, microscope, restorative dentistry