COVID-19 pandemic has taught many lessons regarding drug discovery and development. This review covers these aspects of drug discovery and research for COVID-19 which might be used as a tool for future. It summarizes the positives such as progresses in antiviral drug discovery, drug repurposing, adaptations of clinical trial and its regulations, as well as the negative points such as the need to develop more collaboration among stakeholders and future directions. It also discusses the benefits and limitations of finding new indications for existing drugs, and the lessons learned regarding rigorous and robust clinical trials, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modelling, as well as combination therapy. The pandemic has also revealed some gaps regarding global collaboration and coordination, data sharing and transparency and equitable distribution. Finally, the review enumerates the future directions and implications of drug discovery and research for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases such as preparedness and resilience, interdisciplinary and integrative approaches, diversity and inclusion, and personalized and precision medicine.


COVID-19, drug discovery, drug development, anti- viral drugs and drug repurposing