As it had been already stated by latest research, inflammation is a condition which sits at the very base of atherogenesis, which is the major consequence of the metabolic syndrome. It was stated that adipose tissue impacts all organs by the synthesis of adipokines. Visfatin/NAMPT is a biomarker that was recently discovered in mice (2005). In the beginning it was believed to have insulin-like properties, but afterwards research has found important links between Visfatin and inflammation, endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis in coronary artery disease. It was also linked to plaque instability in acute coronary syndromes. More studies are needed though, to clearly state whether Visfatin/NAMPT has a positive or negative role because, up until now, the only sure fact is that its serum levels correlateĀ  with the presence of an inflammatory state.


visfatin, NAMPT, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, biomarker