Background and aim. To determine the effect of pre-cooling injection site on pain perception in patients attending a dental camp at lifeline express, Habibganj.

Methods. A split mouth interventional study assessed the effect of pre cooling the injection site in patients (n=33) requiring bilateral buccal infiltration prior to extraction. One side of the patient’s mouth received the intervention after the injection site was pre cooled with ice for 3 minutes along with topical Lidocaine, while the other mouth side of the same patient received only topical Lidocaine and served as control group. A structured proforma assessed the demographic characteristics and risk factors that influence pain perception in patients. Mann-Whitney U tests and Wicoxon rank sum test were used for statistical analysis. Statistical significance was defined at P<0.05.

Results. The results revealed a significant difference in pain perception between control and intervention group  as assessed using both Heft-Parker Visual Analog Scale (median score 3.0 and 1.0) and Sound Eye Motor scale (median score=1.0 and 0.0) (P<0.01). For both the scales the assessed and self reported variables Gender, Location, Chief Complaint, Region and Arch were found to be statistically significant.

Conclusion. Pre cooling injection site reduced pain perception in patients.


pain perception, mouth injection site, anesthetic, local, lidocaine