Introduction. Quality of life (QoL) has received increasing interest in the last years, especially in patients with cancer. This article aims to analyze a selection of medical research papers regarding the quality of life in patients with thyroid carcinoma. We overviewed the main QoL aspects derived from several studies and highlighted those less researched issues, which could represent a solid base for future clinical studies.

Method. We used an integrative selection method of medical literature, choosing mostly "free access" studies, as it was considered that they could be easily viewed, searched and researched including by patients.

Results. After an integrative literature review, we selected 16 relevant studies. Patients with thyroid cancer have several factors influencing their QoL, with both physical and psychological impact. The decisive factors are the quality of the surgical act, radioiodine therapy, follow-up using rh-TSH vs. hormonal withdrawal, access to behavioral help and the relationship with their physician.

Conclusion. We must understand the emotional impact of the cancer diagnosis on the patient and we must collaborate in order to help the patient restore the psychosomatic balance and to recover the quality of life.


thyroid neoplasms, quality of life, iodine radioisotopes