Background and aim. Dorsal augmentation of the nose is needed after trauma, rhinoplasty or for ethnic reasons. Alloplastic or autogenous materials may be used. In this paper, postauricular mastoid fascia was used for dorsal nasal augmentation.
Methods. This study included ten patients who underwent dorsal nasal
augmentation. Fascia over mastoid area was taken in all cases and was fixed with Steri-Strips and external nasal splints.

Results. All patients were female except one case. Five patients had the operation because of ethnic causes and five patients did the operation due to post traumatic deformity. Donor sites healed uneventfully. Digital photography was taken to assess the grafts and follow up was extended up to 9 months.

Conclusions. Mastoid fascia is a reliable method and its donor site is hidden. In addition, it can be a potential site for conchal graft if needed.


dorsum of the nose, rhinoplasty, mastoid fascia