Background and Aims: Development of a lymphocele is a well-known complication following kidney transplant. Among causative factors, recipient iliac lymphatics dissection plays an important role. Electrothermal bipolar sealing devices (LigaSureTM) have been shown to decrease lymphatic leakage in a number of instances. The aim of this study was to investigate whether the use of this device decreases post-operative lymphatic complications in kidney transplant.

Materials and methods: 48 patients admitted for renal transplant were included in the study. They were randomly assigned to either conventional ligation or LigaSureTM during lymphatic dissection.

Results: One patient in the LigaSureTM arm and 5 patients in the conventional ligation arm developed lymphocele (p=0.04). Lymphatic drainage volumes were 99.8 ± 39.87 ml in the LigaSure arm and 131.46 ± 54.2 ml in the conventional ligation arm (p=0.02)

Conclusion: Electrothermal bipolar sealing devices exhibit safety and efficiency when used in renal transplant lymphatic dissection. In the present study, this technique proved to be superior to conventional ligation in terms of post-operative lymphatic complications.


Key Words, Electrothermal bipolar sealing device, kidney transplant, lymphatic complication