Background and aims. Endometriosis is a commonly found disorder in women of reproductive age, consisting in the presence of active ectopic endometrial tissue outside of the endometrial cavity. Surgical scar endometriosis is a rare condition representing about 2% of all endometriosis cases. The purpose of this study was to assess the main characteristics, diagnosis tools and therapeutic options in abdominal wall endometriosis (AWE).

Methods. We have reviewed a series of fourteen cases with histopathological confirmation of AWE that were managed in our institution.

Results. The main characteristic of AWE were emphasiszed, showing that 78.57% of the patients had at least one previous caesarian section and that in only 57.14% out of ol case an accurate diagnosis of AWE was established preoperatively.

Conclusion. A direct relationship between gynecological and obstetrical surgery and AWE is well established and as the caesarian section rates increase constantly, the awareness regarding AWE should also be increased.


endometriosis, caesarian section, surgical scar, abdominal wall