Background and aims. This study describes the technique of simultaneous middle and inferior antrostomy and outlines its usefulness in the management of maxillary mucoceles.

Methods. This is a retrospective review of 12 consecutive patients with isolated maxillary mucocele operated on by means of middle and inferior antrostomy technique. We describe the clinical picture, details of the surgical technique and outcomes.

Results. There were 7 males and 5 females with ages ranging from 20 years to 65 years (mean 42 years). One patient had past trauma to the face and one had a long history of chronic sinusitis. Eight patients had undergone multiple previous sinus operative procedures including Caldwell-Luc approach. All patients underwent middle and inferior antrostomy without complications. Follow-up was between 12 months and 60 months (mean 36 months) with no recurrences to date.

Conclusion. In conclusion the results of our small series support the worth of using middle and inferior antrostomy when dealing with maxillary mucoceles.


mucocele, maxillary sinus, middle meatus antrostomy, inferior antrostomy