Penile cancer accounts for 1-10% of men neoplastic diseases and 30-60% of patients have inguinal metastases at the time of diagnosis. Inguinal metastases of penile cancer with femoral vessel involvement could lead to vascular fistula and hemorrhagic shock. We present 3 consecutive patients with inguinal metastases of penile cancer complicated by infection and hemorrhage from femoral vessels invaded by the tumor. Simultaneous extra-anatomical axillo-femoral bypass graft, wide excision of tumor and groin defect reconstruction was used to achieve “tumor-free” oncologic aim and to save the lower limb. We consider the extra-anatomic axillo-femoral bypass associated with wide inguinal tumor excision and defect covering a feasible surgical solution for improving the life quality and extend life expectancy in patients with lymph node metastasis of penile cancer complicated by necrosis, infection and femoral vessel involvement.


extra-anatomical axillo-femoral bypass, penile cancer, rectus abdominis flap