Objective. The aim of the present study was to present detailed information regarding the impacted maxillary and mandibular canines and their patterns of presentation into the oral cavity and to evaluate the prevalence of different canine anomalies, such as ectopic canine, transmigration, transposition and agenesis of permanent canines among central Indian population.

Method. A total of 1593 patients OPG’s were thoroughly evaluated and the prevalence of different canine anomalies like impacted maxillary and mandibular canine, transmigration, transposition, agenesis and ectopic canine eruptions were evaluated. The canine angulation, vertical position in relation to occlusal surface of adjacent tooth’s and the overlapping of adjacent teeth’s crown by impacted canine was evaluated by tracings. 

Result. Out of 1593 subjects, 22 patients had impacted canines. The prevalence of canine impaction was1.38%, with maxillary canine impaction of 0.93%, mandibular canine impaction of 0.37%, canine agenesis 0.06%, transmigration 0.12%, canine transposition 0.18% and the ectopic canine was 5.5%.

Conclusion. There is no gender difference in canine impaction. The prevalence of canine impaction is 1.38%.




impacted canine, transmigration, transposition, ectopic canine, agenesis