Extranodal onset can be seen in approximately 25-40% of the cases of non-Hodgkin lymphomas and diagnosis is often difficult due to nonspecific symptoms. Orbital lymphomas represent approximately 50% of the orbital malignancies. Common symptoms and signs at presentation are: palpable tumor, exophtalmia, dyplopia and decreased vision. Diagnosis can be made only by biopsy and early treatment is important in order to increase the chance of cure. We present the case of a patient whose diagnosis and treatment were delayed due to refusal of biopsy and, although complete remission of lymphoma was obtained, the vision loss was permanent because of prolonged compression on the optic nerves. A particularity of this case is the presence of massive periorbital tumors on admission to the hospital, incorporating the eye globes completely and causing impressive facial deformity.


non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, orbital tumors, vision loss