Background. The quality of medical care, as well as the application of effective treatments in the management of patients with gynecologic neoplasm, is of great importance. Finding new and efficient ways of communication between the doctors involved in the multidisciplinary team for the management of the disease, from the diagnosis to the reintegration into society, would help improve the quality of comprehensive patient care.

Objective. The objective of the study was to assess the collaboration of family physicians with specialists treating patients suffering from gynecologic cancer, in order to improve the relationship between them via electronic communication.

Study design. We conducted a descriptive, transversal study on 353 family physicians and 37 specialist doctors from Romania, between January and June 2015. For statistical data analysis, R for Data Analysis and Graphics version 3.2.1 was used.

Results. Most of the family physicians and specialist doctors believed that they provided the best care that they could, but consider that a multidisciplinary approach using online communication methods, in which doctors collaborate among each other, is needed.

Conclusions. Finding a simple, efficient and modern means of communication is essential in order to increase the efficiency of medical care overall.


multidisciplinary collaboration, oncology, communication