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MOTTO: Serving the medical community for the benefit of the society..

Medicine and Pharmacy Reports is a quarterly journal dedicated to the dissemination of progress in health sciences. The journal publishes original research, reviews, case reports, letters, and occasionally historical material, all peer reviewed.


Medicine and Pharmacy Reports  was founded in February 1920 under the name “Clujul Medical”, as the journal of the Medical School in Cluj, and appeared almost without interruption. Starting with 2019 it is entitled Medicine and Pharmacy Reports


Medicine and Pharmacy Reports is published by one of the most prestigious medical schools in Romania and aims at representing a scientific forum in health sciences. It is open access and it promotes original papers of researchers worldwide, along with contributions of top specialists in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.


The scientific standard of the periodical is maintained by the blind peer-reviewing of each paper submitted and by the analysis of the articles by the editorial board. The quality of the journal has constantly improved, as documented by its inclusion into the most prestigious databases, and it will continue to raise its standards of quality.


Print ISSN  2602-0807
Online ISSN  2668-0572
Frequency of publication: quarterly 
Indexed: Scopus, Pubmed, Pubmed Central, EBSCO, Open Access Directory, CNCSIS BDI.

latest articles

Is C-section a risk factor for early onset irritable bowel syndrome?

Galica Adelina, Grabocka Erisa, Dumitrascu Dan

Cervicogenic visual dysfunction: an understanding of its pathomechanism

LEUNG Kingsley, CHU Eric, CHIN Wui, MOK Sharon, CHIN Esther

MBOAT7 rs641738 variant in metabolic-dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease and cardiovascular risk

Ismaiel Abdulrahman, Spinu Mihail, Osan Sergiu, Leucuta Daniel-Corneliu, Popa Stefan-Lucian, Chis Bogdan, Farcas Marius, Popp Radu A., Olinic Dan, Dumitrascu Dan L.

Recurrent submandibular fistula after Sunitinib treatment in a patient with renal cell carcinoma: a case report

Golu Vlad, Paşcanu Ionela, Petrovan Cecilia, Cosarca Adina, Temistocle Bereczki Despina, Ormenisan Alina

Characterization of eggshell as a bio-regeneration material

Opris Horia, Baciut Mihaela, Bran Simion, Dinu Cristian, Armencea Gabriel, Opris Daiana, Mitre Ileana, Manea Avram, Stoia Sebastian, Tamas Tiberiu, Barbur Ioan, Baciut Grigore

The quality of life after cleft lip and palate surgery

Opriș Daiana, Băciuț Grigore, Bran Simion, Dinu Cristian, Armencea Gabriel, Opriș Horia, Mitre Ileana, Manea Avram, Stoia Sebastian, Tamas Tiberiu, Barbur Ioan, Băciuț Mihaela

Socioeconomic burden of orthodontic treatment: a systematic review

Ghonmode Sumeet, Shrivastava Sunita, Kadaskar Ashita R., Bapat Salil

Identification of risk factors associated with hyponatremia in psychiatric patients: a case-control study

Powle Himani, Shet Ashvitha, Mendonca Arline, Thulasi Lakshmi, Poojari Pooja, Thunga Girish, Munoli Ravindra, Kunhikatta Vijayanarayana

Self-efficacy, stress levels and daily style of living among older patients with type 2 diabetes in a rural primary care setting: a cross-sectional study

Klinis Spyridon, Symvoulakis Emmanouil, Stefanidou Maria, Bertsias Antonis, Christodoulou Nikolaos, Tsiouri Ioanna

Evidence of improved bond strength of resin-based sealer with the use of natural antioxidants on hypochlorite treated dentin: an in vitro study

Aameenabanu Mayana, Sravanthi Tammineedi, Bolla Nagesh, Vemuri Sayesh, Basam Ram, Garlapati Roopadevi, Chukka Ram

TXNIP inhibition in the treatment of diabetes. Verapamil as a novel therapeutic modality in diabetic patients

Borowiec Agnieszka, Właszczuk Adam, Olakowska Edyta, Lewin-Kowalik Joanna

The effect of Dulaglutide on glycemic and weight control in patients with type 2 diabetes

Ruda Alexandru, Ciobanu Dana, Inceu Georgeta, Rusu Adriana, Roman Gabriela

Sarcopenia assessed by total psoas index – is it correlated with post-operative complications in all digestive cancers?

Haiducu Carmen, Buzea Catalin, Delcea Caterina, Brasoveanu Vladislav, Grasu Cristian, Dan Gheorghe-Andrei

Changing trends in the epidemiology of gastric cancer

Grad Cosmin, Grad Simona, Fărcaș Radu A., Popa Stefan, Dumitrașcu Dan

A patient with porocarcinoma of the lower extremity and lung metastasis: a rare case report

Zein Ahmad Fariz Malvi Zamzam, Luthfi Mohamad, Putro Widyatmiko Arifin, Nurbaiti Nurbaiti

Anterolateral thigh flap for abdominal wall reconstruction. A case report

Muntean Maximilian, Orădan Alex, Corpodean Alma, Acatrinei Eduard, Virag Timea, Bonci Eduard, Pușcaș Emil

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