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MOTTO: Serving the medical community for the benefit of the society..

Medicine and Pharmacy Reports is a quarterly journal dedicated to the dissemination of progress in health sciences. The journal publishes original research, reviews, case reports, letters, and occasionally historical material, all peer reviewed.


Medicine and Pharmacy Reports  was founded in February 1920 under the name “Clujul Medical”, as the journal of the Medical School in Cluj, and appeared almost without interruption. Starting with 2019 it is entitled Medicine and Pharmacy Reports


Medicine and Pharmacy Reports is published by one of the most prestigious medical schools in Romania and aims at representing a scientific forum in health sciences. It is open access and it promotes original papers of researchers worldwide, along with contributions of top specialists in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.


The scientific standard of the periodical is maintained by the blind peer-reviewing of each paper submitted and by the analysis of the articles by the editorial board. The quality of the journal has constantly improved, as documented by its inclusion into the most prestigious databases, and it will continue to raise its standards of quality.


Print ISSN  2602-0807
Online ISSN  2668-0572
Frequency of publication: quarterly 
Indexed: Scopus, Pubmed, Pubmed Central, EBSCO, Open Access Directory, CNCSIS BDI.

latest articles

Thyroid carcinoma associated with other primary neoplasms, a single center study

Gabora Katalin, Bălăcescu Ovidiu, Trifa Adrian, Morariu Ana Maria, Pop Bogdan, Vișan Simona, Fetica Bogdan, Piciu Andra, Piciu Doina

Evaluation of the acid-neutralizing capacity and other properties of antacids marketed in Morocco

Yafout Mohamed, Elhorr Hicham, Sbai El Otmani Ibrahim, Khayati Youssef

A survey on dental students’ perception regarding online learning during COVID-19 pandemic

Kui Andreea, Jiglau Anca, Chisnoiu Andrea, Negucioiu Marius, Balhuc Silvia, Constantiniuc Mariana, Buduru Smaranda

Progressive disseminated histoplasmosis in idiopathic CD4 lymphocytopenia an underdiagnosed combination - a case report

Yadav Prakrati, Kumar Deepak, Bohra Gopal, Garg Mahendra, Bharti Jyotsna, Purohit Abhishek, Meena Durga

Fulminant necrotizing streptococcal myositis with dramatic outcome – a rare case report

Morar Tudor, Pirlog Radu, Vlaicu Sonia, Bintintan Vasile, Crisan Doinita

Numerical abnormalities of permanent dentition - a case report

Decusara Mioara, Cornea Daniela, Rusu-Negraia Magdalena, Șincar Cerasella Dorina

Prognostic factors for in-transit metastasis in patients with malignant melanoma

Gâta Vlad, Roman Andrei, Muntean Maximilian, Morariu Dragoș, Vlad Cătălin, Bonci Eduard, Irimie Alexandru, Achimaș-Cadariu Patriciu

A case of Fitz Hugh Curtis syndrome mimicking an acute abdomen

Mihetiu Alin, Bratu Dan, Popescu Oana, Catana Alina

Aseptic meningitis after 20 years of endoscopic transsphenoidal pituitary surgery: a rare complication

Hussain Syed Zohaib Maroof, Anwer Muhammad Osama, Noor Syeda Marsha, Hashmi Salman, Anwer Sanam, Yaqoob Uzair

Volumetric data of normal nucleus accumbens from magnetic resonance imaging scans

Birbilis Theodosios, Siozopoulos Achilleas, Fiska Aliki, Deftereos Savas, Kaldoudi Eleni, Karagiannis Vassilios, Thomaidis Vassilios

Nutritional status prior to bariatric surgery for severe obesity: a review

Mureșan Ciobârcă Daniela, Cătoi Adriana, Copăescu Cătălin, Miere Doina, Crișan Gianina

Evidence based management guidelines in dentistry during COVID-19 pandemic – a review of the literature

Saikiran Kanamarlapudi Venkata, Sahiti Putta Sai, Mounika Somisetty Venkata Mahalakshmi, Elicherla Sainath Reddy, Hemanth Kumar Raichurkar, Sandeep Gonegandla Giriraj

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