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MOTTO: Serving the medical community for the benefit of the society..

Medicine and Pharmacy Reports is a quarterly journal dedicated to the dissemination of progress in health sciences. The journal publishes original research, reviews, case reports, letters, and occasionally historical material, all peer reviewed.


Medicine and Pharmacy Reports  was founded in February 1920 under the name “Clujul Medical”, as the journal of the Medical School in Cluj, and appeared almost without interruption. Starting with 2019 it is entitled Medicine and Pharmacy Reports


Medicine and Pharmacy Reports is published by one of the most prestigious medical schools in Romania and aims at representing a scientific forum in health sciences. It is open access and it promotes original papers of researchers worldwide, along with contributions of top specialists in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.


The scientific standard of the periodical is maintained by the blind peer-reviewing of each paper submitted and by the analysis of the articles by the editorial board. The quality of the journal has constantly improved, as documented by its inclusion into the most prestigious databases, and it will continue to raise its standards of quality.


Print ISSN  2602-0807
Online ISSN  2668-0572
Frequency of publication: quarterly 
Indexed: Scopus, Pubmed, Pubmed Central, EBSCO, Open Access Directory, CNCSIS BDI.

latest articles

Next-generation sequencing as a valuable tool for mutational spectrum in advanced-stage NSCLC patients

Iurca Ioana, Isakescu Ecaterina, Pop Laura, Budisan Liviuta, Pirlog Radu, Harangus Antonia, Ciuleanu Tudor Eliade, Braicu Cornelia, Berindan-Neagoe Ioana

Dentists’ stress level during the COVID-19 pandemic and their opinion on the oral health status of their patients

Paun Ariadna, Bolboacă Sorana, Chifor Radu, Radu Constantin, Strilciuc Ștefan, Badea Iulia, Borzan Cristina

Long-term results of multimodal treatment of the prostate using the Thulium Laser

Coman Roxana, Leucuta Daniel, Coman Radu, Lapusan Carmen, Stanca Dan, Coman Ioan, Al Hajjar Nadim

In vitro antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles against selected Gram-negative and Gram-positive pathogens

Crisan Michaela Corina, Pandrea Stanca, Matros Luminita, Mocan Teodora, Mocan Lucian

Artificial Intelligence and medical specialties: support or substitution?

Popa Stefan Lucian, Ismaiel Abdulrahman, Brata Vlad Dumitru, Turtoi Daria Claudia, Barsan Maria, Czako Zoltan, Pop Cristina, Muresan Lucian, Fadgyas Stanculete Mihaela, Dumitrascu Dinu Iuliu

Periodontal changes induced by fixed orthodontic therapy

Rădeanu Alina, Surpățeanu Mihai, Munteanu Cristina, Liliac Ilona, Popescu Alexandru, Andrei Elena Cristina, Pătru Ciprian

The value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound in cervical cancer assessed in comparison with magnetic resonance imaging

Ignat Radu-Mihai, Fekete Zsolt, Csutak Csaba, Todor Nicolae, Ignat Florin Laurentiu, Ignat Patricia Delia, Badea Radu

Are single nucleotide polymorphisms in the IL-2 gene biomarkers for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis?

Chiorean Alin-Dan, Bâlici Ștefana, Nicula Gheorghe, Vică Mihaela Laura, Nechita Vlad-Ionuț, Iancu Loga Luminita-Ioana, Bordea Mădălina Adriana, Simon Laura-Mihaela, Matei Horea Vladi

Experimental investigation of tension-reducing effectiveness of keystone perforator island flap

Virág Timea, Muntean Maximilian, Mihály Attila, Georgescu Alexandru

Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio, platelet to lymphocyte ratio, lymphocyte to monocyte ratio and Systemic Inflammatory Index in sexually transmitted diseases

Pintea-Trifu Martina-Luciana, Balici Silvia-Ștefana, Vică Mihaela, Leucuța Daniel-Corneliu, Coman Horia, Nemeș Bogdan, Matei Horea-Vladi

Exploring the contrasts: in-depth analysis of human and canine mammary tumors - discoveries at the frontier

Gherman Luciana, Tomuleasa Diana, Cismaru Andrei, Nutu Andreea, Berindan-Neagoe Ioana

Autologous leucocyte and platelet rich in fibrin (L-PRF) – is it a competitive solution for bone augmentation in maxillary sinus lift? A 6-month radiological comparison between xenografts and L-PRF

Baru Oana, Buduru Smaranda, Berindan-Neagoe Ioana, Leucuta Daniel-Corneliu, Roman Ancuta, Tălmăceanu Daniel, Silvasan Hary, Badea Mîndra

Cognitive decline and diabetes in the clinical setting

Varga Boglárka, Tilinca Mariana, Marton László, Ionescu Cristian-Norbert, Szabo Monica

A brief review on the lessons learned from COVID-19 on drug discovery and research

Kumar Subodh, Kumar Hansraj, Lahon Joonmoni, Saikia Dibyajyoti

Comparative study on the results of orthodontic diagnostics by using algorithms generated by Artificial Intelligence and simple algorithms

Hack Marius, Drăgulin Bogdan, Hack Ludmila, ElSaafin Mahmoud, Dumitrescu Iulia, Stan Daniela, Păcurar Mariana

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